Sculpted Fish

Scary Fish

Sculpture. Size, from front teeth to end fin, 55cm/21,6inches.

2 days and 3 nights of work, including molding prep (cutting the whole thing in parts, re-detailling, making the keys…).
Additional creature design by: Leamlu. Client: Seaquarium du Grau-du-roi. The Imaginarium room.

sFishCh01 sFishCh02 sFishCh03 sFishCh04 sFishCh05 sFishCh06 sFishCh07 sFishCh08 sFishCh09 sFishCh10 sFishCh11 sFishCh12 sFishCh13 sFishCh14 sFishCh15 sFishCh16 sFishCh17 sFishCh18 sFishCh19 sFishCh20 sFishCh21 sFishCh22 sFishCh23 sFishCh24 sFishCh25 sFishCh26