Painted Fish

Scary Fish

Design/Sculpture/Molding/Casting/Painting. Size, from front teeth to end fin: 55 cm / 21,6 inches.

Molding using Rebound 25/40. Casting using rotocast series and smooth-cast series. Painted with airbrushed acrylics.
Additional creature design by: Leamlu. Client: Seaquarium du Grau-du-roi. The Imaginarium room.

sFishPa01 sFishPa02 sFishPa03 sFishPa04 sFishPa05 sFishPa06 sFishPa07 sFishPa08 sFishPa09 sFishPa10 sFishPa11 sFishPa12 sFishPa13 sFishPa14 sFishPa15 sFishPa16 sFishPa17 sFishPa18 sFishPa19 sFishPa20 sFishPa21 sFishPa22 sFishPa23 sFishPa24 sFishPa25 sFishPa26 sFishPa27 sFishPa28 sFishPa29 sFishPa30 sFishPa31 sFishPa32 sFishPa33 sFishPa34 sFishPa35 sFishPa36 sFishPa37 sFishPa38