Ol Timer

Ol’ Timer

Personal project. Started this one in Zbrush and then switched to clay. Size: life-size.

Currently in the moldmaking process, and will be soon cast in silicone Dragon-Skin Fx Pro. The final piece will be nicely painted, and hair punched, with crystal clear urethane eyes and a neat lil’ leather cap. I’m also currently designing a fancy wooden base in Zbrush.

Sculpted in Chavant NSP Soft/Medium.

Ol_Timer_Ch_01 Ol_Timer_Ch_02 Ol_Timer_Ch_03 Ol_Timer_Ch_04 Ol_Timer_Ch_05 Ol_Timer_Ch_06 Ol_Timer_Ch_07 Ol_Timer_Ch_08 Ol_Timer_Ch_09   Ol_Timer_Ch_12 Ol_Timer_Ch_13 Ol_Timer_Ch_14 Ol_Timer_Ch_15 Ol_Timer_Ch_16 Ol_Timer_Ch_17 Ol_Timer_Ch_18 Ol_Timer_Ch_19