Ol Timer Painted

Ol’ Timer

Personal project. Sculpture and fabrication. Moulding: Rebound series/plaster. Casting: Dragon skin FX pro/Foam-it and urethane. Size: lifesize.

Painted with airbrushed psycho-paint. Hair punching done by hand. Wooden eyes hand-painted with acrylics, and encapsulated with crystal clear resin. Leather cloth and wooden base handmade. Eyes structure (woodworking) done by Thibaut Malet.

Sculpted in Chavant NSP Soft/Medium. The Sculpted version is right there.

OlT_P_01 OlT_P_02 OlT_P_03 OlT_P_04 OlT_P_05 OlT_P_06 OlT_P_07 OlT_P_08 OlT_P_09 OlT_P_10 OlT_P_11 OlT_P_12 OlT_P_13 OlT_P_14 OlT_P_15 OlT_P_16 OlT_P_17 OlT_P_18 OlT_P_19 OlT_P_20 OlT_P_21 OlT_P_22 OlT_P_23 OlT_P_24 OlT_P_25