Public contract / Marche Public 2013-10-MT-00013 LOT 2 Maquettes. From conception to delivery. Cg modeling preview/architectural design/design/sculpture/molding/casting/painting.


5 underwater model 60x50x50h cm. Aquarium safe, fish and Invertebrates. In pre-tinted/hand-painted urethane resin (one solid piece). On extinguished and apocalyptic civilisations (Atlantide, Héraclion, SF, etc…).

A fake underwater/futuristic Helmet for display, sculpted on a half-globe in Pmma, plus a slimy underwater creature crawling on it. Non transparent parts of the helmet are in urethane resin, Smooth Cast 300 series, and Rotocast 65 D. Underwater creature in urethane resin, pre-tinted, hand-painted/airbrushed with acrylics and semi transparent resin.

One big cartoon underwater fish, sculpted in Chavant on a polystyrene core, molding in rebound 25 and Plasti-Paste. RotoCast in Smooth cast 65d, filled with PU Foam. Pre tainted with So strong pigment. Final paint job with airbrushed acrylics. In addition, a fake underwater environment (rocks, sand…). And a glass environment, including a half globe, and a fake fish-tank.

Chief Scenographer: Nicolas Béquart, Les Crayons SARL. Contracting authority: Virginie Cayetano.
Glass-work provided by: BFP Cindar. Additional creature design by: Lucie Gardes, aka, Leamlu.

Sculpture / Maquettes
sFishCh22 sFishPa13 helmet09

Model making
mmgal_05 mmgal_04 mmgal_03 mmgal_02 mmgal_01 model02

Inauguration / Conception
seaq_inauguration18 seaq_conception06