. Genie Awards .

Paris Image Digital Summit Awards

Cg model supervision: cutting lines and molding keys / cg print cleaning and final retakes / mouldmaking / casting and airbrush painting.
Molding using Mold max serie. Casting using smooth-cast series. Painted with airbrushed acrylics/gold paint.

AB_wip_001 AB_wip_002 AB_wip_003 AB_wip_004 AB_wip_005 AB_wip_006 AB_wip_007 AB_wip_008 AB_wip_009 AB_wip_010 AB_wip_011 AB_wip_012 AB_wip_013 AB_wip_014 AB_wip_015 AB_wip_016 AB_wip_017 AB_wip_018 AB_wip_019 AB_wip_020 AB_wip_021 AB_wip_022 AB_wip_023 AB_wip_024 AB_wip_025 AB_wip_026 AB_wip_027 AB_wip_028 AB_wip_029 AB_wip_030 AB_wip_031 AB_wip_032 AB_wip_033 AB_wip_034 AB_wip_035 AB_wip_036 AB_wip_037 AB_wip_038 AB_wip_039 AB_wip_040 AB_wip_041 AB_wip_042 AB_wip_043 AB_wip_044 AB_wip_045 AB_wip_046 AB_wip_047 AB_wip_048 AB_wip_049 AB_wip_050 AB_wip_051 AB_wip_052 AB_wip_053 AB_wip_054 AB_wip_055 AB_wip_056 AB_wip_057 AB_wip_058 AB_wip_059 AB_wip_060 AB_wip_061 AB_wip_062 AB_wip_063 AB_wip_064 AB_wip_065 AB_wip_066